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Grace Touch on-line program integrates traditional psychology with spirituality and in-depth healing practices. Donna Evans Strauss has developed a series of on-line classes that support your personal development and, it explores a range of methodologies and co-creative processes for helping ourselves and our clients to transform our lives. Students will learn hands-on healing techniques for application in a practicum setting.  Students will present clients for peer review and insight.

The Grace Touch program is designed for people with established healing practices and anyone interested in growth and transformation. There aren’t any set pre-requisites: you are a good candidate if you have committed to your own healing journey. A tremendous amount of self-healing occurs during the course-and self-healing opens many doors to how we express ourselves in our home and work lives. Some students will have healing work experience. Few people will have actual healing practices established. Donna and Michele’s expertise will inspire you to build a healing practice, thrive in your current profession and heal your personal, relational life and spiritual life.

Grace Touch focuses on the seven divine qualities and how they are uniquely fundamental to healing all dis-ease in the physical, psychological, and spiritual levels of ones being. Both Donna and Michele created a energy consciousness system for self-healing and working with clients that is based on a meditation Donna received while working on her book, Blessings from a Thousand Generations: What our Biblical Ancestors can teach us About Healing Our Families Today. The two meditations given in the book are simple and easy to learn. The first is to develop a clear relationship with the universal consciousness within, to remove and barriers through implement the 10 keys in your meditation practice. The second is a I AM Meditation that opens the seven chakras and prepares a person for self- healing in each of our body systems. You can learn this for oneself and guide others in your family or professionals can use these simple techniques in their private practice.

Ancestral and Generational Healing

This program will teach you how to trace family dynamics back generations, discover how they are within our cellular awareness and energy consciousness system. Learn how to release and heal from generational positive and negative love bonds while receiving the Blessings from a Thousand Generations

Donna created an on-line program to teach these concepts and others from her new book, Grace Touch: A guide for healing Oneself and Family. To be published….

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Cost: 30.00 per week/ 50 weeks- 1,500 for the year. 150.00 discount if paid in full.

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Grace Touch Graduates
Graduates: US

  • Diane Allman
  • Gail Corse
  • Jane Dauphin
  • Barbara Fermon
  • Julie Hamilton
  • Sally Hunter
  • Caroline Krause
  • Shelli Nelson
  • Debra Safyre
  • Theresa Walsh

Graduates: Canada

  • Anna Albert
  • Denise Barker
  • Susan Beach
  • Kim Ellen Boyes
  • Lisa Cryderman
  • Coleen Gladys Gallaher
  • Phyllis Eva Gallant
  • Shannon Hoople
  • Lynda June Kordyban
  • Bruce G. Macdonald
  • Merlyn Rix
  • Diane Therese Robinson
  • Sally Hunter