Brennan Healing Science, Human Energy Consciousness System approach, to address physical health challenges, psychological distress, relational problems, and spiritual distress and awakening. Donna’s approach to health and well-being is based upon Barbara Brennan’s theories on The Four Dimensions of Human Kind, cognitive behavioral approaches, family systems approaches, psychodrama, and Grace Touch Healing, an approach she co-developed with Michele Bourgeois focusing on Divine Qualities that are inherent in all sentient life.

Donna mentors and supervises therapist and healers from around the world. She lectures and teaches workshops in Brennan Healing Science and Grace Touch. Donna is a senior faculty member and dean of year 2 at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Florida. She has a private practice that includes supervision for therapist and hands-on-healing professionals, mentoring new professional counselors, healers, and teachers, one-on-one counseling and human energy consciousness work, relationship human energy dynamics sessions, and long-distance work. She is the author of Blessings from a Thousand Generations: What our Biblical Ancestors Can Teach Us About Healing Our Families Today and Grace Touch Healing: A Guide Towards Healing For Family and Friends, co-authored with Michele Bourgeois.

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Barbara Brennan School of Healing

Brennan Healing Science (BHS) is an energy healing modality pioneered by Barbara Brennan, physicist and former NASA researcher.


Grace Touch Classes and Sessions

Grace Touch on-line program integrates traditional psychology with spirituality and in-depth healing practices, created by Donna Evans Strauss.