Grace Touch Sessions

The Grace Touch Technique (GTT), a faith based approach to hands on healing, helps restore the mind and body with the innate spiritual potential. The approach is based upon integrating the “ I Am Meditation” and hands on healing to relive physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual duress. Both the Grace Touch Practitioner (GTP) and Grace Touch Receiver (GTR) are active during the healing process. The healing method activates the GTR personal responsibility to making conscious choices to open
themselves to experiencing grace in all aspects of their life or dis-ease process. You may experience the following in the session.

The Grace Touch Technique helps the Grace Touch Receiver:

  • Reconnect with God within
  • Release Automatic Negative beliefs, behaviors, emotions
  • Restore divine qualities within the limbic system and mind-body connection
  • Identify and heal different systems of the body
  • Reduces stress responses and reorients nervous system towards trust
  • Identify positive and negative love bonds
  • Heal generational love bonds
  • Identify and claim your divine potential
  • 1 Hour Session

  • 1 1/2 Hour Session


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